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Solluna Farms, gourmet mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, and more

Greetings, fellow mushroom enthusiasts and nature lovers!


Solluna Mushroom Farms Proposal

Solluna mushroom farms is a farm-to-table business that is adopting Algorands blockchain technology to educate and onboard mushroom growers and buyers.

algorandproposalfarmmushroomfungus 01-09-2024


Community: Enganging the broader communities

Sollluna Farms aims to provide a service to whatever community, or small town restaurant that would want to use Solluna farms fungi. Solluna Farms is proud to be serving a handful of restaurants, and local clients.

mom and pop farmsmushroomscommunity 01-04-2024


Genesis: Birth of Solluna Farms

The first in a line of mom-and-pop fungus farms. One of the few sustainable fungi farms in existence. These farms supply a few local eateries as well as the neighborhood’s where they are situated.

fungifarm 12-27-2023