Genesis: Birth of Solluna Farms

fungifarm 12-27-2023

The first in a line of mom-and-pop fungus farms. One of the few sustainable fungi farms in existence. These farms supply a few local eateries as well as the neighborhood’s where they are situated. It all began when I moved away from my hometown. I started a family in Florida after meeting a lovely woman. We traversed the nation while residing there, handling everything from alligators to farming turtles, guiding sea kayaks, and other odd jobs. I was an oil and gas technician who made explosives for frac sites. I’ve seen how gas and oil are produced, as well as how sugar is made from sugar beets. I’ve worked in the community in a variety of capacities, from high volume bartending to becoming a direct personal support. It’s been an enjoyable journey, as all evidence now suggests fungi!

I worked at a lot of different jobs for a long time before realizing that fungi was my calling. I always utilized the therapeutic properties of fungi without realizing it since I was young. It has utterly influenced who I am and the reasons behind my current actions. I have learned so much about myself, and spirit. It really does possess the ability to change your body, mind, and overall health. They can be genuinely amazing teachers if given the proper direction for inner work and for learning mushroom cultivation.

Gourmet mushrooms are some of the best superfoods you can eat. If you need a meat substitute you won’t find a better one! These farms grow medical products as well as provide fresh fungi to the local restaurants and community. We aim to bring a fun, easy learning experience to fungi, cryptocurrency, and much more. Creating fun free games to earn coins and free prizes. This will be the human fungal bridge!!!!

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Solluna Mushroom Farms Proposal

Solluna mushroom farms is a farm-to-table business that is adopting Algorands blockchain technology to educate and onboard mushroom growers and buyers.

algorandproposalfarmmushroomfungus 01-09-2024


Community: Enganging the broader communities

Sollluna Farms aims to provide a service to whatever community, or small town restaurant that would want to use Solluna farms fungi. Solluna Farms is proud to be serving a handful of restaurants, and local clients.

mom and pop farmsmushroomscommunity 01-04-2024