About me

Ever since I left my hometown, I have consistently sought out diverse work experiences, each one leading me to the next. From wrestling alligators and training them to working on a turtle farm, as well as being a sea kayak guide, I have encountered a wide range of challenges during my travels.

In my previous position, I managed a team of four individuals for a wireline company. Our responsibilities included wiring and constructing intricate gun string systems for oil and gas production. I possess expertise in operating cranes, heavy machinery, and holding a CDL license. Every October, I would travel to North Dakota to oversee a team of four and supervise a pillar.

However, my current passion lies in the cultivation and education of fungi. I thoroughly enjoy teaching others how to grow fungi and educating them about the world of cryptocurrency. During my leisure time, I indulge in activities such as music, art, appreciating nature, and exploring new destinations.