Solluna Mushroom Farms Proposal

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Solluna mushroom farms is a farm-to-table business that is adopting Algorand’s blockchain technology to educate and onboard mushroom growers and buyers. We aim to achieve this by implementing the following key features to our business plan: (1) an ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) rewards only program for our customers and supporters, (2) an NFT based grow kit and farming course, and (3) an innovative environmentally green mushroom farm. We are requesting funding in order to execute these key features.


Sean Deegan - Mycologist, solluna168, AKA StinkyBird, Algonaut’s mod

I have experience working as a mycologist, permaculture certificate holder, Direct Support Professional (DSP) level 2, CDL driver, wireline operator 3, crane operator, crew leader/pile operator, sea kayak tour guide, alligator trainer/handler, turtle farm caretaker, contracting, backup battery tech for cell towers, wilderness survival and bartending. My passions are running crews in demanding environments, being mechanically inclined, hardworking, and, of course, mushrooms. Managing my own farm and building my own crew has always been my dream! encountered everything from running massive pillars to battling alligators to wiring explosives. Using Algorands technology, mixed with my background in several work divisions comes; together to create these farms.I was a sea kayak tour leader for a while, and we’re going to start offering stand-up paddle board classes for mushroom identification. I’ve been guiding groups of up to 14 individuals for five years. Attending a wilderness survival college taught me how to live off the earth, so all of my prior experiences are coming together under one roof.

Christian (Tako) - Full Stack Software Developer

Created Blocki an app that determines the number of blocks proposed to the chain by a node. Runs various Algorand participation nodes since late 2021 and has assisted others with their participation nodes.

Andrew Kotulak – Advisor

With a background in blockchain and trade finance, the University of Michigan awarded me a BA in finance. Head of DeFi at Humble, he also oversees Algonauts, which organizes the AlgoFest event and offers advisory services to nascent blockchain enterprises. He is a member of the Algorand DeFi Advisory Committee as well.

Dan Folgate- Hashton-Aka Skunky’s stable from tiny horse

After three years in the Algorand ecosystem, my name is Daniel Folgate. ardent nft collector, involved in several major initiatives before, Mngo, and others. possess several coins and engage in commerce. Maybe among the select few who found success using Yieldly. Most likely, it was fortunate timing. I’m only now learning Python and SDKs. By summer, I hope to get a node running thanks to a PC update. High volume bartender for a long period. At one point, I gave up and got my class A CDL with all the endorsements in Florida. enthusiastic gardener for over ten years and novice mycologist. In my spare time, I like to play fingerstyle guitar.

Danijela Zeravica- Soil biologist certifcation, DSP, advanced gardener

Broad range of abilities, including advanced gardening, creating your own compost, multitasking, understanding the blockchain, CPR first aid, caring for others, and eventually becoming a therapist.

Seamus Spencer- Spencer’s Remodeling LLC, Solar tech

Owns a construction company that offers anything from playgrounds to solar installations and upscale bathroom makeovers. manages a team of five men to oversee several projects at once. We handle everything: electrician, plumbing, fisherman, demo. Extremely eager to apply my abilities to the field of mushroom farming. We’ll develop these environmentally friendly fungus farms and support Solluna Farms’ aim. I have experience in the cryptocurrency space and am quite knowledgeable about blockchain technologies, coin swapping from DEXs, LPs, staking, and node operations.

Experience with Algorand

Present Proposal


The farm will incorporate the SPORE token into the business model by giving holders discounts on our products. SPORE will be sent to clients that participate in our discord and Texas holdem poker tournaments.


We plan on creating mushroom grow kits with NFTs associated to each type of kit. These NFTs will have information about the fungus, a spore print, and how to grow and take care of your new fungus.

Mushroom Courses

Our courses will assist new growers with retaining existing mushroom farm practices that can be easily transferred to their own farms. These courses will also include basic understanding of the Algorand ecosystem and technology, we will be doing this in order to prepare our clients for future collaborations.

Environmentally friendly farm

Our farms will be producing fungi by using repurposed recycled plastic with outdoor elements that will assist in healthy fungus. These farms will run off solar,wind, and hydropower at some locations. Solluna farms will be the first full scale fungi farm to use reusables!

Future Blueprint

Online educational platform to teach crypto and fungi cultivation. Online marketplace full of wellness products, and mushroom cultivation supplies. Using the chain to track rewards for discounts using SPORE coin.

Benefits for the community

Genuine Rewards Program

The SPORE token’s only purpose is as a rewards and discount token for our products. This token will not be available on decentralized exchanges or other decentralized finance applications. SPORE can be used with our products to get up to a 20% discount, the amount of SPORE needed to get the full 20% discount will be voted on by our community.


The on-boarding of new Algorand users will occur with each new student that completes our courses. Courses will explain how the Algorand blockchain works and how we integrate our farms with the technology.

Unique NFT use case

Each type of grow kit for a particular fungus will come with an NFT that provides detailed information on what the grower has purchased. This means for every grow kit sold, a grower will use the Algorand chain in order to read their instructions and get more information about the fungus.

Additional information

Current clients in Oregon

Environmentally focused

Cultivating fungi is not very environmentally friendly. The majority of large farms use plastics for growth and never attempt to achieve the scale and sustainability of an eco-friendly farm. The creative reusing of bags and the use of solar and wind power by Solluna Farm will significantly alter the way that mushrooms are grown on a wide scale. The adoption of fungus will begin with educational courses. Since this will be the first application of NFTs in education, people will have a greater appreciation for what these devices are capable of. With practical classes offered around the state and online resources, we will instruct people on how to cultivate their own food and utilize technology responsibly in the Algorand Ecosystem.

Our two major goals will be to expand the Algorand blockchain and fungi. For ongoing research, the Oregon Solluna Farm will cultivate fungus with legal therapeutic properties. I currently work as a DSP for persons who have mental health issues; this product line will be put to the test in a variety of ways to demonstrate how fungi may actually benefit those in need. In the past I managed an Algorand NFT poker tournament. We had fifteen of the best NFT projects from Algorand on board. For our tournament we’ll be giving out courses, cross-chain games, mushroom rewards, and Algorand NFTs. Our hearts and souls, plus a little more, are going into this project since working with mushrooms, which has the potential to significantly improve mental health and other health issues.

This company offers in-person workshops, mushroom foraging expeditions, and a gentle introduction to cryptocurrency and mushroom cultivation.

Algo Spending plan

Total: 55,000 Algo

28,000Solluna Farms expansion farm Oregon and Florida
10,000Switching farm to solar, wind power turbines, solar generator
7,000Online marketplace supplies
5,000NFT/ASA prize fund for free texas holdem tournaments
5,000On boarding expenses, meet up yearly subscription
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Passionate about anything and everything regarding mycology

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Community: Enganging the broader communities

Sollluna Farms aims to provide a service to whatever community, or small town restaurant that would want to use Solluna farms fungi. Solluna Farms is proud to be serving a handful of restaurants, and local clients.

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Genesis: Birth of Solluna Farms

The first in a line of mom-and-pop fungus farms. One of the few sustainable fungi farms in existence. These farms supply a few local eateries as well as the neighborhood’s where they are situated.

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